A website fit for one of the world's largest springtime celebrations
People around the nation, and even the world, know that come springtime a beautiful and cultural celebration takes over the city of Washington, DC. The festival spans several weeks and brings together masses of different people to see the blooming trees and to attend the elaborate events put on by the National Cherry Blossom Festival team and their sponsors. For the 2018 festival, they turned to our team at Fathom to help out with their campaign branding as well as to redesign their current website which was difficult to navigate, cluttered, and in need of a visual facelift.
Our solution was to take the current site, bloated with outdated pages and content, and to distill it into essential information that was necessary to their target audiences. By adding clear pathways from page to page, the user will be able to travel through the site to the information needed with ease. The game plan for the visual side was to keep things simple, allowing for lots of white space to let the content and photography shine.

Designed with Art Direction from Kat Scott @ Fathom Creative, 2018.
Role: Lead Designer
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