Inova Schar Cancer Institute
High quality branding for a high profile event.
When Inova approached Fathom to build a look and feel for a high-profile donor event to support their new, cutting-edge, highly personalized cancer research and treatment center we knew that we had to come to the table with equally inspired concepts. And that’s exactly what we did. Helping the Inova team raise over $26 million - the largest single night non-profit fundraiser in the DC area.
Concept 01
One of Inova’s key phrases for their new center was “high tech, high touch”. In other words, they had the latest technology, and treated each patient differently based on their genetic makeup. This concept narrowed in on the high-tech aspect of high tech, high touch.
Gradients using the core Inova brand colors and abstract patterns mimicking DNA and sequencing were created to elevate the look & feel to reflect the innovative work taking place. Photography was integrated into the materials highlighting research and patient care.
Concept 02
This concept highlights the intersection of science and compassion while also showing off a bit of regional pride. Inova is proud to be able to bring this elevated level of care and research to the nation’s capital.
The designs utilize a flexible grid layout system to adapt to a variety of applications. Red, blue, and white - Inova’s brand colors - were infused into custom graphics inspired by DNA strands, and bold, engaging type layouts are used for the messaging.
Designed with Art Direction from Kat Scott @ Fathom Creative, 2017.
These concepts were not published for the event.

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