A new mixed-use district in Rockville, MD
Twinbrook Quarter - a new 18-acre mixed-use district featuring commercial and residential buildings, great shopping and dining and plenty of sunlight and fresh air – is coming to Rockville, MD. It aims to serve as a community oasis nestled in the city, providing people a place to stroll, relax and people-watch. The look and feel for the space needed to evoke feelings of activity, and community while also being a welcoming space.
Concept A
The history of Twinbrook was the motive behind this concept. The name “Twinbrook” was a reference to the two streams that passed through the original 200 acres of the development and I felt it was only right to give history a subtle nod. The wordmark for the logo, a customized version of Bebas Neue, stands steadfast like the buildings surrounding the area, and the word ‘Quarter’ pays homage to the lands origins – the twin brooks. The brand is set in a rich, cultured palette of green and gold paired with custom patterns and warm photography.
Concept B
This concept centers around the idea that this new community space will breathe new life into the area. I chose a key logo mark paired with a tagline "Twinbrook Quarter: Unlocking the City's Potential" to highlight this. The look & feel utilizes a flexible grid system allowing photography, typography and fun brand graphics to live harmoniously throughout the applications. A simple brand palette using slate and copper adds a luxurious touch.
Concept C
This final concept was heavily influenced by Art Deco styles. Bold, strong, hopeful. The logo features two crossing streams that together make up a 'T' shape. The brand features bold typography that allows for messaging to stand out from its environment. By using the logo mark as a repetitive center piece throughout the applications, this builds brand recognition.
Designed with Art Direction from Kat Scott @ Fathom Creative, 2018.
These concepts were not published.

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